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Rise co. is two Firms one focused on Surveying, Mapping, Building called Rise Engineering and the Second focused on Computing | Hosting | Marketing called Rise Technology. Rise Business are the smell of success in the morning and it's all about who did it right, Success are only our option, it's in our DNA!

we never lose either win or learn, We Just rise. Rise Team are Hustlers Engineers that never waste their times! They Rise, Grind, Shine, Unite and Fight to make a better life, They have Greatness within their mind and Allah is always on their mind. Rise Future are here and now! We are Dreamers but We don't close our eyes, We are Hungry to fight for what we believe to Keep what we love, Our ambitious and planning are for generations, So It's not over until we win, Let's rise up!

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Survey, Mapping, Building

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Computing, Hosting, Marketing

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Companies, Services, Products

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