: How to Cancel an eFax Account - the real scam

Rise Company
24-02-2016, 00:59
Having received the either pay your eFax bill up front for a year or suffer a 30% increase in your monthly rate notice of eFax increasing their rates, we chose, instead, to cancel our eFax account. Of course, in the notice, the only link was to accept that fee increase. So we went directly to the eFax site, and logged into our eFax account. Heres a surprise: there is no way to cancel your account through the eFax site. Seriously. Let us repeat that: there is no way to cancel your account through the eFax site. How bogus is that?? So we did some digging. And indeed, it took some digging. Ultimately we engaged one of their servtrons in live chat. Heres how that chat went: eFax Servtron: Welcome to the sales team! How can I assist you today? TIP: Hello, Servtron! I need to cancel my account. Can you please tell me how to do that? eFax Servtron: I am sorry to hear that you wish to leave us. We have a special support team to assist you with the cancellation process. Please use the following webpage to get Chat support for cancellation. Here is the link: [And he then proceeded to give us the link.] TIP: Isnt there just a way to do it without going into another chat with someone? Cant I just go to a particular link and cancel my account? eFax Servtron: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. For this matter you would have to contact our Customer support department. (Yeesh, and silly us, here wed thought wed contacted customer support when I initiated the live chat.) So we went to the link, which didnt work. Now, to be fair, maybe it was because we were using Safari that it didnt work. But it simply reloaded the blank chat page every time we tried to initiate a chat. But, in the end, after poking around at that second, non-working chat link, we found a phone number. With, yes, a real live person at the other end. And we called that number, and we cancelled my eFax account. And it was good. And, amazingly enough, about an hour later, we even got a confirmation of the cancellation. Now, it turns out that lots of people want to cancel their eFax account as a result of this price increase. We know, because lots of people are asking how do I cancel my eFax account. So, if you too wish to cancel your efax account, here is the number: 1-323-817-3205. Happy cancelling.

Rise Company
24-02-2016, 01:00