: 9 Samsung Knox an application attempted to access system

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05-06-2017, 13:25
9 Samsung Knox an application attempted to access system


Samsung Knox mobile security system that helps better protect device data against unauthorized use by securely using an Exchange ActiveSync Server to store enterprise applications (corporate email, contacts, calendar, etc.) and its capable of separating personal and work data by making it possible for both types of data to coexist on a Knox-enabled devices with personal to business mode switching icon.
Previously Knox was only available for enterprise and government institutions but in September 2013 during 2 event in Berlin, Germany Samsung revealed the commercial availability of a its Knox mobile security system that helps better protect device data against unauthorized use.
Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition was the initially Knox ready devices but now other Samsung devices are also incorporated with the update to Android 4.3.
There are several way to disable or remove Knox.

1. Uninstall Knox

Launch Knox app and tap on Settings
Tap Knox Settings
Tap Uninstall Knox
During uninstalling Knox process, it asked to back up your Knox data, which is then saved in devices Knox folder. To back up this data, select Backup Now, and then OK.

The soft key on your Samsung Galaxy S4 brings up the menu, in which Knox settings is found. Samsung
Note!Only personal data for example: photos, music files, contacts and calendar events are copied during uninstallation. Email and application data are not copied.

Type Knox password and tap Continue.
Choose Next. Data will be saved before the uninstallation process is complete.
Select OK to uninstall Knox.
Tap on Menu > My Files > All and finally Knox. A zip file with all your personal content from Knox will be created

Note! If you are using optional microSD card, select All > Storage Device and Knox.

2. Use Root Explorer (Root Access)

First Install Root Explorer (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer&hl=en)
Launch Root Explorer and in the magnifying glass, search Knox.
Select all files name with Knox.
Then Proceed to remove them, and reboot the device.

3. Delete Knox via Recovery

Backup all the data from device.
Flash this file KNOX removerV2.1.zip (http://www.mediafire.com/download/y5a3yyxi4h64u3k/Degrated_Shadow%27s_KNOX_removerV2.1.zip).
Delete all files labelled Knox.

4. Package Disabler

From the Google Play store install the Package Disabler app now KNOX can be easily disable:

5. Use Terminal Emulator

By Using Terminal Emulator disable the KNOX Security.

Note: Root access required.

Download and install the Terminal Emulator app from Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.
Start the app on your device and when prompted grant it root permission.
When the command box appeared, type the following command with correct syntax:

su pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid

This small task will disable Samsung Knox on your device.

6. Uninstalling Knox

System App Remover app from the Google Play Store need to be download and install first.
Launch it and grant a root permission to this app.
Search all KNOX agent and all related apps by searching knox (see below):

https://www.rise.company/forum/images/imported/2017/06/1.jpg?resize=230%2c406 (https://i1.wp.com/androidnow.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Uninstalling-KNOX-on-Note-3.jpg)

Before tap the Uninstall button make sure you have selected all the apps.

KNOX apps and its related apps will be uninstalled. Now you have to get rid of it. After installing Titanium Backup launch it, grant SuperUser permission to it when asked and freeze the following apps:

KLMS Agent
KNOX Notification Manager
KNOX Store

Disable Package feature of SuperLockLite Secure Kiosk app is also useful to disable all KNOX packages.


7. Root Explorer

Note: Root access required.

First Install Root Explorer or Root Browser app on your device:
Now launch Root Explorer/Browser and goto system/app directory.
Search box will be appeared on tapping search icon then type knox.
A list of KNOX and its related apps will appeared.
Check all the items by marking the box and then tap on the Delete icon.

https://www.rise.company/forum/images/imported/2017/06/1.jpg?resize=596%2c352 (https://i2.wp.com/androidnow.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/1231.jpg)

If you want to delete the selected apps select Yes when you are asked.

Now you have to eliminate some remaining apps left on your device. Ok now eliminate them too. Go back to the system/app folder and find the following apps:

Container Agent.apk
Container Agent.odex

If you are unable to find KLMSAgent app in system/app directory, look for it in system/priv-app folder. Mark them all together or delete them one by one is up-to you.

8. Disabling Knox Notifications

There is a good app in Google Play Store to disable Knox notifications on your Samsung Galaxy Device named KNOX Disabler that also requires root access and make the same task pretty much easier:
Download APK: KNOXDisablerFree_v1.0.1.apk

9. Xposed Framework: Wanam Xposed Module

Note: Root access required.
There is a one more method to get rid of these annoying KNOX notification on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet by this method you can disable it very easily. Root access of the device is the only requirement and it uses the well-known Xposed Framework and its module named Wanam Xposed.
In few simple steps you can do it.

Download the latest Xposed Installer and Wanam Xposed Module on your device: Download Here (http://www.mediafire.com/download/878yes9h04jvdxy/ma.wanam.xposed_v343_050204.apk)
After successfully activating the module, Start the Wanam Xposed app from the app drawer.
Find Security Hacks option and tap it.
After that check the Disable KNOX notifications.
Exit the app and then reboot your device.

Thats it guys, these were the 9 possible methods in order to get rid of the Samsung Knox on your Samsung phone or tablet device. Lets us know in the comment section, whats your favorite method and whats working for you, we would love to hear your thoughts.