: Windows Server RDP redirected printer

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Windows Server RDP redirected printer
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you have a printer installed on your Microsoft Windows computer, but the printer is not showing in your Remote Desktop session?
There are a few things to check when you experience this issue.

1. Check that Printers Are Enabled on Connection

Ensure that you have the Printers option selected in your Remote Desktop settings. You can check this by bringing up the Remote Desktop Connection screen, selecting Local Resources and ensuring the Printers option is selected.


2. Ensure Drivers Are Installed On Server

Check that the printer drivers for the printer you are attempting to use are installed on the computer you are connecting to. If the drivers havent been installed on the computer you are connecting to, the printer wont appear at all.

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3. Check Server Settings

If you are connecting to a Windows Server box,
ensure the settings on the server dont disable the sharing of Printers.
Login to the server, and perform these steps.

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Windows 2016 & 2019

In these versions of Windows Server, RDP settings are controlled in Group Policy.

Launch gpedit.msc.
Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host.
Expand Printer Redirection.
Ensure that Do not allow client printer redirection is set to Not configured or Disabled. Another setting you may want to check is the Redirect only the default client printer. This policy should also set to Not configured or Disabled if you want more than just the default printer to be available to use.

Windows 2012

Open Server Manager.
Select Remote Desktop Services.
Select Collections.
Select Tasks, then choose Edit Properties.
Under the Client Settings tab, ensure the Windows Printer is enabled.

Windows 2008

Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
Select Connections, right-click the name of the connection > Properties > Client Settings > Redirection. Ensure that Windows Printer is not checked.


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04-09-2020, 18:13
How to Redirect Your Printer

[*=center]Login to Remote Desktop Connection Program
[*=center]Click on control panel
[*=center]Click on View devices and printers
[*=center]Click on Add a printer and select Add a local printer
[*=center]Make a note of the printer ports that are seen on your local system. For example, LPT1 is not visible, but COM3 is.
[*=center]Now, on your local system, go to the settings for your functioning printer (Start -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right click printer -> Printer Properties -> Ports Tab)
[*=center]Check the tick box that says "Enable Printer Pooling."
[*=center]Check the box that your remote system is seeing (In the above example of step 5, it is COM3). Note: Make sure that your existing port remains checked (For example the IP port for the wireless router).
[*=center]Return to your remote system
[*=center]Download and install your printers drivers but don't select a port.
[*=center]Follow again steps 2-4 but select the port you checked in step 8 (In this case, COM3 was selected on the local system)
[*=center]Select your printer from the list.
[*=center]Click yes when it asks if you want to use the existing drivers

Note: Print a test page to be sure that it works.