What is a Tester?

A tester is a version of a fragrance that comes without the fancy, retail packaging. Tester versions come in the same bottle as the retail version and include the same amount and quality of fragrance. The testers you see on our website are direct from the manufacturer and have never been used. If you'd like to save money on a fragrance for yourself, consider purchasing the tester version of your brand. Please be aware that not all brands have testers available.
What to Expect

In most cases, a tester fragrance will come in a plain white or cardboard box. However, some designers will reduce production costs by distributing their tester products unboxed and without caps. By cap we mean the decorative top, the spray nozzle comes with all spray fragrances (e.g. aftershave or splash fragrances don't come with sprayers). So, there are four ways that a tester can be packaged and sold:
1. Boxed with a cap 2. Boxed without a cap 3. Unboxed with a cap 4. Unboxed without a cap

If you are interested in finding out how your particular product will arrive, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service department.

Common Misconceptions about Testers

1. Testers are used or they don't come with the full amount of fragrance.
2. Testers are not the real fragrance.
3. Testers don't come with sprayers, so the liquid will leak out.
4. Testers are illegal to sell since most say "Not for Resale".

The above statements are all false. Our testers come full and unused, they are all 100% genuine, they come with the spray nozzle (if it is originally supposed to) and they are perfectly legal to sell.

Again, our testers are 100% genuine, they've never been used and they come direct from the manufacturer. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Article about Perfume Testers:

Read the following article about perfume testers written by BigDiscountFragrances.com's president Michael Rares. You can find this and many perfume related articles in our blog, www.perfumeandfashion.com.
"It is no secret that the world of high fashion and style would not be complete without the accompanying touches of womens perfumes and mens colognes. These womens fragrances, often manufactured by the leading fashion brand names themselves, are often more expensive than some of the clothes that are available. Due to the high price of investment that one might put into their fragrances, it helps to know that there are some ways around paying full cost.
It is also worth noting that it pays to be careful when bargain hunting for discount womens perfume. Counterfeit and spoiled bottles have been known to sell online, especially at auction sites such as eBay. Buying discount womens fragrances in larger bottles is the simplest way to save on perfume, however, the costs of these mega vials can be too much for some to consider investing in a single bottle. Thankfully, there is a little known secret that is safe and one hundred percent legitimate.
Anyone who has walked around a mall or department fashion store can attest to the waves of fragrances that fill the air. Perusing through the aisles, it may seem as if the aromas are seeping through their glass and paper containers and meeting your senses. Of course, this is not the case. The reason for all of the �free smells� is perfume testers. Practically every fashion department store or perfume boutique will have these sample bottles in nearly every brand and style of fragrance.
Sure, these are fun to play around with and can even help when it comes time to make a decision about which product to purchase. However, few people know that these bottles are produced specifically as perfume testers by their manufacturers. In addition, many of these tester perfume bottles never make it to the department store shelves. Since they are never intended for sale as the wholesale perfume product, one would think that they might just go to waste. This is not the case.
Numerous retailers have bought distributing rights for these �orphan� bottles. They in turn are able to sell the perfume testers to consumers for a fraction of the price. Of course, there are noticeable differences from their wholesale cousins. Most notably, these fragrance tester bottles generally do not come packaged in the trademark boxes.
But Most of the bottles are exactly the same as the retail fragrances . Hallmark items, such as the caps or adornments may also be absent from these models. But if you keep the caps they will fit on the new tester bottles. However, it is the actual womens perfume that counts in the endand it is the exact same a you get in the store without the price.
So long as one is willing to forgo all of the simple pleasantries that mainly exist to help sell the product and make it stand out among the competitors, these perfume testers can be a real steal. These are especially marketed to those who already have their established favorites out there in the womens perfume jungle. These fragrance tester make perfect gifts for loved ones who love their favorite designer fragrances.
The next time you are perusing the perfume websites or in the mega malls and artsy boutiques, consider that discount womens fragrances might just be the way to go. There are many retailers on line who stock most of the most popular brands and styles but look for the ones that carry these perfume testers and you can really save."