Start your design with Photoshop or Illustrator. For standard personalized mug, recommended image size is 85mm x 200mm and image resolution is around 250 dpi.

You may want to add text to your personalized mug design. Just use the text tool in your design software (Photoshop or Illustrator), then insert any word that may express your feeling.

Personalized Mug
Personalized mugs or custom mugs are great promotional gifts fantastic for all occasions, Birthday gifts, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas gifts and etc.. Personalised mugs can promote your business or simply supply within the workplace. With no set up costs, no minimum order and competitive quotes on volumes, you can simply add your favorite photographs or design to your mug. It is really amazing to have a special and unique personalised mug.

Promotional Mugs
Presentation is everything! This product has been designed to accommodate a standard promotional mug. In addition, why not print a calendar or promotional message on the mug! Your client retains the your brand stays visible on your clients desk.
Ultimate Choice for Corporate Gift and Corporate Event.

Promotional Mugs are usually the same design in a bulk order, but now you can combine both to make more personalized and promotional in once mug, we are sure you will be ahead of your competitor.

1st print you image on the SUBLIMATION TRANSFER PAPER using SUBLIMATION INK Printer with mirror image, then put your sublimation paper on the Sublimation Mug and use Mug Press Machine with 180 degree celcius, 60 to 120 second to fully transfer the paper (image) on MUG