What is SEO, SEM, and SMM?

Search engine optimization has gained immense appraisal for its unique marketing technique. Search engine optimization basically refers to process in which the pages are displayed on search engines based on ranking. The underlying principle that governs the success of search engine optimization is that the viewer will visit the website which is displayed at the topmost position on the search engine. This in turn would generate much traffic on the website of the owner and this would result in incremented revenue for the business.
In search engine optimization whenever the viewer inputs a keyword, numerous pages and website links appear on search engines. These pages appear as per rankings. Besides the rankings another aspect which plays important role in search engine optimization is keyword analysis. Use of relevant and business specific keywords, are often advocated by most experts. The client should strive to use those keywords which are common and depict the category of trade and business. Search engine optimization also provisions the scope for editing of content.

Another form of marketing which has enormously emerged in the virtual world is Search Engine marketing. Search engine marketing is basically utilization of concepts of search engine optimization and pay per click to generate traffic. The main objective of search engine marketing is improving the visibility or exposure of the website on the search engines. The visibility can be achieved by means of high level rankings on search engines.
The client utilizing search engine marketing can employ various tools like keyword analysis, back-end tools and website saturation and popularity. Although the search engine marketing is an effective tool, still the client is liable to pay a certain amount of money to ensure visibility of the website on the search engines. Paid inclusion is the term which is used to signify this transaction between the website owner and the search engine owners.
Social media marketing is basically a part of search engine marketing. The only bullet point of distinction between them is that Social media marketing is highly involved in marketing through social media. The end output which is aimed at in social media marketing is generation of high traffic on the client’s website. In social media marketing a sort of chain formation takes place, for instance like minded individuals or entities belonging to similar business avenues ‘re-tweet’ or ‘share’ numerous posts on social platforms. These re-tweets and shares are again viewed by other entities and hence the traffic is generated.

Not only virtual mediums but mobile phones are fast becoming a mode for implementing social media marketing. Mobile phones are enabled with software to provision access to social media platforms through mobile phones; hence most entities keep posting or sharing information about their business which garners much traffic.
All the three marketing tools have relatively eased the task of high end marketing and high costs involved in them. Through the above stated techniques the client or website owner can stay rest assured of high viewership for its website.