: 100% fill and Stroke VideoScribe

stroke Fill

inkscape fill no stroke 4px

object to path .

with some extra effort, you can make an SVG that will draw your font well. requires a little knowledge of inkscape or illustrator or a little self-teaching and google searching)

1) type your text in illustrator or inkscape. or copy and paste it in. write a word or a sentence or a paragraph in a font of your choice.
2) convert the text to outlines with color fills (black or whatever color you want your text to be) and no strokes. This step prevents the videoscribe hand from trying to draw the outline of each letter.
3) on a new layer, use the pencil tool with a stroke big enough that you can manually trace (quickly and simply without too much precision) over each of the letters and they will be covered by the stroke. you don't have to be precise. You are basically just adding a path for the hand to follow that APPROXIMATES the motion of writing the letters. it can be one continuous curvy/squiggly line. try to cover each letter before moving to the next.

5) set the opacity of the new stroke to zero so it is transparent.
6) export the finished image as an SVG and play it in videoscribe.

It will be more work than just typing in the text into videoscribe, but you can make pretty much any font draw well. The faster the words draw in videoscribe, the less accurate your transparent stroke needs to be, and the less noticeable any inaccuracies will be.

This method should work with Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, mathematical equations, and any other written languages regardless of the direction in which you would like them to be written or read.