Review of Panasonic PBX Phone System

This review will feature the following models from the Panasonic Analogue PBX line:

  • KX-TEA308
  • TES824
  • TEM824

Your telephone system is your primary link to the world. It connects you to your clients, suppliers, business partners, employees and even friends and family. These Panasonic systems can support all your business and personal communication needs while keeping costs low. It comes with 3 pre-configured outside (CO) lines with 8 extensions. You can easily expand it up to 8 CO lines and 24 extensions.
This platform offers features that can satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated but cost-conscious company. You can use a variety of devices with this platform as well cordless phones, answering machines, credit card verifies, fax machines, computer modems and any device that works with conventional telephone lines.
Who can benefit from the Panasonic PBX line?
These systems are ideal for the small business or even a home office that requires a sophisticate, flexible system that is cost-effective.
3-Level Automatic Reception with Voice Guidance
This feature allows callers to access any extension without going through an operator. You can record a greeting that will automatically direct callers to their needed extensions. They can be given options on 3 levels. Callers can dial to a group of extensions and outside lines. This feature drastically reduces the amount of traffic that an operator handles allowing him to spend more time with important clients.
Flexible SMS Routing
Users can send SMS between fixed lines and mobile phones. You can customize the system to allow text message senders to send the SMS directly to a users single line telephone. This ensures that the recipient gets the SMS quickly and privately.
Built-in Voice Message
You dont need to add a separate voicemail. The optional Voice Message Card gives clients the option to leave a message when you are not available. The mailbox is customizable. Messages can be stored directly into your personal mailbox so there is no need for memos and handwritten notes. It also ensures that you get your messages privately.
Caller ID Display
This platform is compatible with a Caller ID Service. The user will be able to see the callers information even before picking up the telephone. This function works on Single Line Telephones and Analogue Proprietary Telephones that support Caller ID display. You can access the 20 most recent numbers with the proprietary phones. The whole system itself has 300 common logs. You can easily dial these logged numbers.
Uniform Call Distribution with Message
UCD allows incoming calls to be distributed evenly to a group of extensions so they are handled quickly and efficiently. If all stations are busy, the phone plays a message or music-on-hold. If the UCD remains busy, the caller will be sent to a secondary DISA.
Incoming, transferred or intercom calls can be easily forwarded to another extension when you are away from your desk. You can direct calls to a pre-programmed number (cellphone, mailbox, another landline). Follow me programming allows users to set forwarding from another phone in the office so calls to the users personal extension will reach him even when he is not at his desk.
Message Waiting
The user can notify the called extension of a message waiting when the extension is busy or does not answer the call.
Day/Night/Lunch Mode
This feature allows you to change your systems behaviour according to the time of day. You can set which phones will ring after office hours or prevent calls at night.
Doorphones, Doorbells, Door Openers
2-4 doorphones can be supported. When a visitor pushes a button, the internal extension rings which allows the visitor to talk to the user. Doorphone calls can be programmed to have a unique chime. If a Door Opener is connected, the user can open the door and let the user in.
5-Party Conference
5 different persons can have a phone conversation simultaneously. 2 outside lines can join the conversation.
Fax Detection
If there is an incoming fax, the phone can automatically route it directly to a fax machine. You can receive faxes day or night.
Station Message Detail Recording
These platforms can record or print out detailed information that includes date and time, extension or dialled number, duration, etc. You can effectively manage costs, phone usage and staff productivity.
Account Code Entry
You can use account codes to identify outgoing calls for accounting and billing purposes.
You can prohibit unauthorized long distance or international calls by restricting specific phones from dialling exchange codes or area codes.
Electronic Station Lock
You can lock outside lines and require users to input a 4-digit security code before they can use the phone.
Limited Call Duration
The system automatically disconnects outbound calls when the pre-programmed time limit is up. Both parties are given a warning tone 15 seconds before the line gets cut.
Assign 5 different telephone numbers that can override call restrictions when you make emergency call.
Room Monitor
You can use the doorphone or the analogue proprietary telephone to monitor a child for security purposes.
Extension Group
This platform can support 8 extension groups. You can activate Group Call Pickup, Paging-Group and A Hunting Group in each extension.
Ringing Pattern
You can select a ringing pattern for an outside, intercom or doorphone call.
Intuitive Customization and Maintenance
The package includes Maintenance Console software. Just connect a PC to the system via USB and the intuitive graphic interface will help you with maintenance. You can even maintain the system off-site by remotely connecting to the modem. You can also program it using a PT.
Battery Back-Up
A built-in battery interface is available that can provide full support when there is a power failure.
Analogue Proprietary Telephone Features

  • 3-line display
  • Speakerphone
  • Forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Conference
  • Intercom
  • Flash/Recall
  • Auto Answer/Mute
  • Headset Jack
  • Redial
  • Hold
  • Navigator key
  • Programmable keys with red and green LED
  • Incoming Call/Message Lamp
  • Message
  • Pause
  • Transfer
  • Auto Dial/Store
  • Tilt Angle Adjustment


  • Reduced operator call traffic
  • Multi-level messaging
  • No more missed calls or lost messages
  • No separate voice mail required
  • Caller recognition for added security and client handling
  • Better call management
  • Improves company image, making it look more professional
  • Improved call handling
  • Economical cost management
  • Easy programming and maintenance


  • High operational costs over time compared to an IP-PBX or a VoIP
  • Needs a technician or engineer to install
  • Not easy to move around
  • Cant be used in branch offices
  • More expensive than VoIP

The Panasonic Analogue PBX system starts at 220, excluding VAT. Pricing depends on supplier. You can also ask for a quote directly from Panasonic. Some dealers will also give you a special package and/or free accessories.
To compare telephone system quotes according to your needs, simply fill out the above quotation form.