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If at any time you encounter a blank or partially formatted page in the WHMCS system that means a fatal error is occurring in WHMCS and error reporting is disabled by default. So to identify exactly what is causing that, ensure display_errors is enabled in the server's PHP configuration and enable the Setup > General Settings > Other tab > Display Errors option

If you are unable to access the admin area to enable this option, or you are running version 4 and earlier add the following line to your WHMCS configuration.php file instead and then reproduce the blank page problem. Once testing is complete, be sure to untick the option or remove the $display_errors line again from that file so that clients arent getting warnings or errors.
   $display_errors = true;
$display_errors = E_ALL;

2- :

whmcs error_log

3- enable ini_set() :

ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /hosting link to whmcs/init.php

Go to the PHP Configuration Editor then click on "Advanced Mode." This will let you view and edit all php.ini settings including disable_functions.


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4- whmcs :


php 5.6

ioncube 5.0

memory 64