3 Canon - 1.3x,1.6x - dslr

Canon has three sensor sizes: full frame, 1.3x and 1.6x. Other manufacturers are in the same range,
with Olympus being the notable exception, at 2x.

: ; 1300D Specifications Crop factor: 1.61

APS-C sensors in Nikon DX, Pentax, and Sony E have 1.5x diagonal field of view crop factor.
APS-C sensors in Canon EF-S DSLRs have 1.6x diagonal field of view crop factor.

When it comes to sensor sizes, the two terms most used to classify them are full frame and crop sensor. The term full frame refers to a sensor size that has the same dimensions as the 35mm film format. Why is 35mm format considered to be the standard or a full frame? Well, the 35mm film format has been the standard in film gauge since 1909 due to its balance in cost and image quality and has stuck ever since. So which sensor type is the best fit for your photography? Lets find out.

Difference between Full Frame and Crop Sensor

A crop sensor refers to any sensor smaller than a full frame sensor or a 35mm film frame. The common types of crop sensor include APS-C and micro 4/3 systems. Aside from the difference in physical size of the sensor, there are several other differences between a crop sensor and a full frame sensor.