Feature deprecated. Please refer to KB link

whmcs 2016

When I try to update my domain contact details in client area I get this message

Feature deprecated. Please refer to KB link

What should I do?
the API call to modify contact details was deprecated since December 2016

Modifying a domain contact details is no longer allowed inside the client area .

This is ICANN new rules (https://www.icann.org) due to many fraudulent contact details

To modify or change your domain contact details need to made Manual.


This error is caused by a change in the ResellerClub API which changes the way domain contact details are updated effective from 1st December 2016. An update has been made in the latest release of WHMCS version 7 to prevent this situation, upgrading will prevent this message.
A patch file has also been made available for WHMCS version 6. It can be downloaded using this link: LogicBoxes IRTP API patch.

Registrar Error Method Not Allowed. Use POST
6 .