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<preference name="ErrorUrl" value="file:///android_asset/www/error.html" />
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If set, will display the referenced page upon an error in the application instead of a dialog with the title "Application Error".

file:/// is a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that simply distinguishes from the standard URI that we all know of too well - http://.
It does imply an absolute path name pointing to the root directory in any environment, but in the context of Android, it's a convention to tell the Android run-time to say "Here, the directory www has a file called index.html located in the assets folder in the root of the project".
That is how assets are loaded at runtime, for example, a WebView widget would know exactly where to load the embedded resource file by specifying the file:/// URI.
Consider the code example:
WebView webViewer = (WebView) findViewById(;
webView.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/www/index.html"); A very easy mistake to make here is this, some would infer it to as file:///android_assets, notice the plural of assets in the URI and wonder why the embedded resource is not working!

<preference name="ErrorUrl" value="myErrorPage.html"/>
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The docs say it should be located in file://android_asset/www/. So I made a file, error.html, and tried this:
<preference name=errorUrl value=error.html />
But that doesnt work. You need to use a file-based URL. Maybe thats assumed by the docs, but it wasnt clear to me. This is what works:
<preference name=errorUrl value=file:///android_asset/www/error.html />
I mentioned to Simon that this setting seems a bit extreme. I mean, why would I link to and use the wrong URL, but certainly in a real application with some size in it this would be possible.