Log In as Your Page and Like Other Pages

Login as your Page View Pages Feed .

Facebook changes again. This time its the Login as your Page option its gone. But never fear, we can still do everything we used to do, its just different.

Facebook definitely likes to change things up and its not always for the better. I personally liked the Login as your Page option because then it was very clear how you were acting on Facebook.
Now you have to pay attention to the small icon next to each post to switch back and forth.
I made a handy video of the changes here.

Here are some of the changes and how you do the things you used to do while you were logged in as your Page.

View your Page Home Feed by Click the Pages Feed

Before when you logged in as your Page you would click Home at the top to see the Pages you have Liked as your Page.
Now, you get to your Pages Feed by clicking View Pages Feed under your profile picture on the left sidebar.

Now your Pages Feed is showing but your profile picture is still at the top. But your Page is set to comment on any of the posts there. You can change the attribution by switching the icon.

Like Other Pages as Your Page

This has changed too. You used to be able to just navigate to the Page while you were logged in and click Like. But now, there are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Click the Like Other Pages button and type in the Page name from your Pages Home Feed (see the image above)
  • Navigate to the Page and click the 3 dots button to the right of the Like button and select Like as your Page from the drop down menu.

Then you just have to navigate to that Page and click Save

Comment on Other Pages as your Page

You dont have to Like another Page as your Page to comment on their Timeline or Posts, you can just navigate to that Page and switch the icon to your Page.

This also is the case for just commenting on Posts on their Page.