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process of searching and hiring good developers can be quite difficult for many companies around the world. Small web studios, large IT companies and individual entrepreneurs often compete for talented programmers. But the problem of personnel hunger can be easily solved if junior developers are taken into account. Does it make sense to hire juniors and to teach them or seniors are beyond competition anyway? Surely, if you have a 6-month-project you wont spend time on trainings for novices. But it depends. So whom to choose? Junior versus senior, who is better?Finding Candidates

The most obvious problem when searching for a good developer is a huge shortage of such specialists on the market. To find a worthy junior is much easier than a competent senior.
JUNIOR. Many students start searching for a job while studying. A student will be happy to come to a job interview to try his/her best at least. You have a chance to talk to a number of candidates to offer the job to the best one.
SENIOR. As a rule, experienced developers are quite happy on their current workplaces and do not plan to change them. So they rarely respond to recruiters messages who try to reach them on different websites. You have little chance to communicate with such candidates, not to mention hiring them. To hire strong developers is not an easy task. Recruiters have to come up with sophisticated ways of finding candidates. These efforts are not always successful.


Many companies think that rich experience is not always essential. The key point here is the willingness to work and learn.
JUNIOR. There can be very difficult tasks that only experienced developers are able to solve them by using proper technologies. But if you often deal with routine problems, juniors can do with them good. Of course, a senior copes with simple tasks faster, can participate in product development, but not just write the code. However, if its not required in your projects, a junior developer is a good choice.
SENIOR. Seniors experience allows them to be gods of web and mobile development. Outsource seniors can even choose projects, payments and clients. In a company if there is no interesting job, an experienced developer can become bored. One of the most common ways to fight the emotional burnout at work is to change a workplace. As a result, the senior that was found and recruited with so much pain can be lost.


Modern companies and individuals want to hire specialists who are easy to be trained without a need to be retrained. In this aspect juniors are better to learn how to work according to the standards of a particular organization or person.
JUNIOR. Beginners are always more receptive. You can convince them without an effort to follow the best practices such as development through testing. Besides, its not so difficult to improve a juniors knowledge in certain areas. As a result, a company can quickly pump up novices skills.
SENIOR. If an experienced specialist has worked with bad processes for years, it will be difficult for him/her to change methods of work.


The main thing for any specialist is knowledge and experience. So everybody will appreciate any help, opportunity to do real work, good payment and assistance with training. All this greatly increases an employees motivation. Some ambitious employees appreciate a possibility of training and having new experience even more than the salary.
JUNIOR. When a junior has a feeling of his/her engagement in a companys mission, he/she gets a big job satisfaction. But as soon as the employee gets more experienced, motivation can drop down. You should raise his/her salary, otherwise he/she may think about changing the job.
SENIOR. Experienced employees are more difficult to motivate. You should talk with the employee and make an individual plan how he/she should achieve the goals.
In conclusion, here are some tips that can help you solve the problem whom to hire:

  1. To solve routine issues you can hire and train a junior. Difficult tasks need a seniors look.
  2. Trainings for employees increase their motivation and loyalty. Juniors appreciate new knowledge, experienced developers are happy to improve their skills.
  3. All candidates should be properly filtered. The search for a good developer is a marathon of experienced and even inexperienced job seekers. But if you pre-filter candidates for education, background, general views and life position, you can select the best ones.