WHMCS Single Sign-On Billing & Support Cpanel
Application Links

Application Links allow you to grant access to user accounts in WHMCS from third party applications.
All applications that support Application Linking are listed below and can be enabled/disabled simply by toggling the options below. Enabling application linking for an application will queue up a background process for creating the initial application links. Please allow up to 30 minutes for this to take effect for all products/services.

Provides customers with links that utilise Single Sign-On technology to automatically transfer and log your customers into the WHMCS billing & support portal from within the cPanel user interface.


To activate it, begin by navigating to Setup > Application Links.

In the Application Links overview, click the toggle switch that should currently be in the Off position to turn the feature on.

Enabling Application Links requires communicating with cPanel's API's and may take anywhere from 20 seconds to a couple of minutes.

Upon completion, you should see the display update to reflect it is active as pictured below.

Once enabled, links will be visible as shown below for all existing cPanel accounts and will be provisioned automatically for any new accounts you create. Login to a cPanel account to verify.