Mac Mouse Scroll
Scroll Direction Natural
"Natural" scrolling for trackpad and "reverse" for mouse

Change Scroll direction using MacOs

The first way to change the way your mouse/trackpad scrolls is by using the built-in system settings on MacOs.

  • Open System Preferences by pressing cmd + spacebar key and typing in "system preferences"
  • Click on the mouse icon
  • Toggle the checkbox labelled "Scroll direction: Natural"

You will notice that natural is the way you have been used to scrolling on your mac while having it unchecked makes it work like Windows does. If you are happy with both the trackpad and the mouse having the same behaviours then that is all you need to do. Personally, I decided I wanted to change the direction of the scroller on my mouse but keep the trackpad in the factory "natural" settings. It just felt too strange as I also have a windows machine on my desk so, in reality, it would be something I would never really get used to