Promote My Facebook Page Via AdWords
Can I Promote My Facebook Page Via AdWords?
its not recommended to use the Facebook page as a landing page
Can I link our Facebook page to Adwords ad?
Does Google AdWords work effectively to promote a Facebook business page?

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The short answer: of course you can.
Theres nothing in Googles policies that is against advertising a Facebook page using AdWords. However, before you even jump into the AdWords interface and go do that, there are many things you should first know:-

  • Google could prevent multiple ads using the same top-level domain from appearing on the same search results page. This means if another advertiser is driving traffic to Facebook and bidding on the same keywords as yours, only one ad might show, the ad with the highest Ad Rank.

  • You must be logged-in to see content of some Facebook pages, moreover not all internet users use Facebook. Facebook do that to encourage non-Facebook users to sign-up so the user can see your content thus expanding Facebooks network.

  • Trademark violations: Its not possible to use the term Facebook in your ad copy (no issue in the URL) since its a registered trademark.

  • Facebook Landing page quality poor compared to a dedicated PPC landing page hosted on a website: this could affect your quality score and drive cost upwards.

  • Some people who use Facebook for fun dont expect to end up on a Facebook page to answer their question or solve their problem.

  • You cant use some important AdWords features such as Conversion tracking.

However, generally its not recommended to use the Facebook page as a landing page.

If you have a website, go now and use it. If you dont have a website, what are you waiting for!? Websites are no longer as expensive as you think; we are in 2014, every business now should have a website. Without one, potential customers will go to your competitors that do.

BUT, bear in mind it all depends on your business goals. If your business is solely based on this Facebook page and your goals align well, keep promoting it and heres some great tips to make the most out of the AdWords campaign:-

  • Promote specific Facebook posts that can answer your customers questions rather than promoting the main Facebook page itself. Using the Facebook page itself as a destination URL would make it hard for the customers to find what they are searching for, and then they are more likely to give up and leave your page without taking any action.

  • Promote your top performing posts (many likes, shares and comments) that include visuals like photos or videos. Visuals are the most interactive types of posts on Facebook. People respond to simple, eye-grabbing images.

  • Include clear CTAs. Be sure your Promoted posts have a clear and strong Call-to-Action, what you want customers to do. Also ask questions. Questions show that your company values your fans. They are a great way to develop trust for your brand, and gain more appreciation from your consumers.

  • Provide other ways of contact methods like email, phone numbers, other social media websites and remember that not all internet users use Facebook.

  • Use Ad extensions to show extra information about your business, such as sitelink extension to point to your different social websites such Twitter, Google+ or Youtube.

  • Make sure the Facebook page is in the viewable to the general public mode. This means people can see your page content without being logged in. If youre not sure if your FB page is public, then give it this quick test and here's how to make it public forever.

-Firstly your quality score on the ads wont be as good as people advertising to their website, therefore you ad position will be a lot lower and it will drive your cost up.
-Usually you have to log in to Facebook to view content, as a result if someone clicks through and they come to a Facebook login page, they will more than likely just leave the site.
-Due to trademark rules on Google Adwords, you wouldnt be able to use the keyword facebook. This may be an issue depending on what your business page is about.
-People who search on Google dont expect to come across a Facebook page for information, so again this is less likely to give you the results you want.
-With the issues mentioned above, youd want to track any issues with your adwords, however since its a FB page you wouldnt be able to have access to features on Adwords such as conversion tracking.
The list above is just some basic faults you will come across, however there will be so many more with having FB as a landing page.
You will also find that with poor quality score and CTR etc, your cost will keep going up and up but not producing the results you want. As a conclusion, save the money and build a website, they can start from just 400 (depends what country youre in).
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If youre wanting to advertise a Facebook page on adwords to generate more likes, followers etc. The best way to do this would be to advertise through Facebook itself through advert manager.