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Password recovery for Hikvision products
SADP V3.0.0.16

1. For password resetting, we strongly recommend you to do self-password reset as the following videoa) How to Reset Hikvision Device Password via Hik-Connect App
Available Model and firmwareDVR: K Series V4.2.00 and above/ HGHI-F V3.4.89 and above ; NVR: V 4.21.000 and above
b) How to Do Self-Service Password Reset on DVR/NVR GUI 4.0
Available Model and firmwareDVR: K Series V4.2.00 and above/ HGHI-F V3.4.89 and above ; NVR: V 4.21.000 and above
c) How to Do Self-Service Password Reset on Hikvision Device Web
Available Model and firmwareDVR: K Series V4.2.00 and above/ HGHI-F V3.4.89 and above; NVR: V 4.21.000 and above ;
IP Camera: V 5.6.0 and above
d) If your device does not support self-password reset, it is highly recommended to click the link https://international-robot.hikvisio...4146531185.pdf to get instruction for password reset process and contact the regional support team for help and provide all the necessary information as required below.


2- hikvision

Today im gonna show you how to reset your device password in case of losing it.
Many manufacturers are in a sensitive position when we are talking about their system vulnerabilities, special DVRs/NVRs. These vulnerabilities allow hackers to get inside of equipments and take over a complete control. Many users are using their system with the default credentials(eg. admin/12345 -for Hikvision devices ), so the hackers job was a pretty easy one.
From that point all users being aware of their system weakness changed the credentials. Now, comes the funny part. How many of you were in a position of forgotten password? Count me in, im in the forgotten password club.
Here are the steps for password recovery(working only for DVRs/NVRs with new firmware v.3.3.0, and cameras with v5.3):
1. First of all, download the SADP (Search for Active Device Protocol) software, in order to search through your subnet and display the most important information of devices, such like: name, ip address, serial number. The following link will redirect you to the v. version, on Hikvision Portal.
The software looks like this.

2. Create a suggestive folder on your local disk, lets say Hikvision reset. Click on the product with the lost password, then browse the Export option to Hikvision reset folder. Hit Choose.

Perform a click on Export button. The SADP tool will save an xml file called DeviceKey on your local folder.

3. This generated file, youll have to send it to your local distributor, or send it directly to Hikvision Technical Support
Advice: if you intend to send the file to Hikvision Support Department, the reset procedure will be a little bit more complicated, cause they will reply with a Product/Project registration Form in order to fill it, and only after their confirmation youll receive an Encrypt.xml file in order to go further with the reset procedure. To make it shorter, i would recommend to send it to your local distributor, cause, being a Hikvision distributor they have other communication channels, and allow them to get the Encryp.xml faster.
4. Once you receive the Encrypt.xml file, place it in the Hikvision reset folder. Keep in mind, during this procedure, of generating the Decrypt file, till the Encrypt file upload, the device shouldnt be powered off.
Set the import path to the same folder were Encrypt key was saved.
5. From the SADP tool, select the device again. Type a New Password and Confirm Passord, then click Import. If everything is ok, the Reset password succeed message will pop up.
For products with older firmware version, please watch this .

SADP V3.0.0.16