how to open hikvision live on chrome
Hikvision and Google Chrome Compatibility
Enabling NPAPI Support in Chome

NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface)

After visiting the link to the IE Tab application, select the ADD TO CHROME option in the top right of the screen. The installation will prompt you to complete the extension setup.

Upon completion of the IE Tab application install, an e logo displays to the right of the title bar. This indicates the browser is ready for use(the image above denotes the e logo in the red circular area).

Enabling IE Tab

To enable IE Tab, click the e logo and a secondary tool bar is visible below the main Chrome tool bar.
Enter the URL or IP address of your NVR to log in to your device (or camera) in the secondary tool bar. In our test setup, we used the IP address of which is the address of our network video recorder.
Proceed to supply the account name and password you wish to log in to the NVR.

Success In Showing NVR Remote Screen

Once the NVR screen loads up, you can now view live or recorded playback video from your network connected NVR device. Practical testing has not shown any issues resulting in many happy customers.