<div><div align="center"> The Oxford Guide to English Usage

E.S.C. Weiner, The Oxford Guide to English Usage
Oxford University Press | ISBN: 0198691289 | 1984 | PDF | 256 pages | 1.39 MB

In The Oxford Guide to English Usage Andrew Delahunty and Edmund Weiner (co-editor of the twenty-volume revised Oxford English Dictionary) provide succinct, practical advice on problems that writers struggle with every day. Designed for daily use, this marvelous handbook is organized according to basic themes (Word Formation, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation) and written to address the actual needs of a typical writer. Under "Word Formation," for instance, the authors offer helpful guidance on suffixes (drop the final silent e when adding -able), those troublesome hyphens, variations between British and American spelling, and why the prefix in- appears in some words and un- in others. The book's approach is consistently straightforward and practical.

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