Security by Cachewall Cpanel
xVarnish/Cachewall within cPanel

Cachewall is a feature-rich software package providing simple management of Varnish Cache, the open source high-performance HTTP accelerator developed by Poul-Henning Kamp, Varnish Software, and numerous open source contributors to their project.
The Cachewall control panel software has been created for use with cPanel on shared web hosting servers, but we hope that it is useful to others in any similar applications. Work is underway to support non-cPanel systems and alternative backends, such as LiteSpeed and Nginx.

Features include:

  • Automatic setup and configuration of Varnish Cache, serving as a website-optimizing frontend for the standard cPanel hosting stack. Our customized Varnish Cache configuration is tailored to minimize disruptions to websites ("outdated pages" showing to visitors) while still providing significant optimization benefits.
  • Simple configuration and management of Varnish Cache configuration files (VCL) without needing to understand or hand-edit the complex syntax.
  • Easy-to-use management using the WebHost Manager (WHM) plugin and the xvctl command line utility.
  • An end-user cPanel plug-in which allows your customers to disable caching permanently or temporarily ("Development Mode"), as well as purge cached files.
  • Flexible, pattern-based exclusions to specify websites and files that shouldn't be served cached or should always be passed-through directly to Apache.
  • The ability to create custom rules to rate limit website requests against high traffic volumes. Default rule set includes brute-force protection for WordPress wp-login.php, protecting your customers and reducing unnecessary CPU consumption by botnets.
  • Dramatic improvement in website responsiveness across the server.
  • Detailed historical traffic statistics for individual websites.
  • HTTPS (TLS) traffic caching and optimization without any complex changes to your cPanel server (via Hitch).
  • A customizable Web Application Firewall (WAF) to filter malicious traffic before it even reaches your customer websites.
  • A real-time chart of requests processed by your server (cache hits/misses) over time.
  • And much more..

Cachewall is production-ready for all cPanel versions and provides an immediate, significant improvement in website performance. While it's heavily dependent on traffic characteristics, we've seen numerous cases where CPU utilization by PHP/CGI scripts is reduced by over 50% - without negatively impacting website visitors!
The Cachewall software has been under active development and used in production shared web hosting since 2014.

Interface Screenshots