Paypal Payment on hold
Successful selling history - How long i need to wait?
How to speed-up "successful selling history" Vendor Verification process on Paypal ?

My paypal account is not so old so every time someone pays me the money goes to a pending balance i can use after 21 days of reception. To bypass that i need a "successful selling history" so how to speed-up that process. It really sucks when you wait a month or 15 days to get a payment from a company and then wait another 21 days to cash it out.

In order to get that paypal limit removed you will have to sell 25 items, make more then $250 on total sales and be an active ebay seller for more then 90 days. You can buy a cheap popular item and resell 25 for the same price you paid for it or a little higher so that it can sell fast. After that you will have to wait the 90 days out. Check your ebay seller dashboard to see your stats on how many items you sold,your first sale date and your earnings. Once those numbers reach above $250, 25 items solds and 90+ days, your 21 day hold on paypal funds will be automatically removed. Also after you reach that point, you can give eBay a call and ask to get your selling limit lifted up to higher amount.

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