Cup Dispenser
Plastic Paper Cup Dispenser Disposable Cups Holder Magnetic & Screw Brackets

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This cup dispenser is the ideal way of dispensing clean cups; be it in your kitchen at home, school
or office canteen, conference centre, gym etc. It's neat, hygienic and space saving and with the supplied choice of bracket and screws or magnetic pad can be affixed just about anywhere in minutes.
It now comes in either black or white to suit the decor.

Modern streamlined design with clear tubing means you always know the cup supply level.
Bracket and screws supplied to easily mount onto walls, cabinet sides or water coolers.
Made from high impact durable plastic.
Overall height: 40cm.
Designed for all the standard 7oz and 8oz plastic or paper cups, 7cm diameter.
This dispenser holds an average of 100 plastic cups at a time.
The magnetic pad measures 8 x 10.5 cm and will simply attach to any fridge, freezer, metal water cooler etc.