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What are Diplexers?

A diplexer is much like a splitter, except it brings multiple frequencies together before it reaches the amplifier
instead of splitting the amplified signal for more than one indoor antenna.

A diplexer/combiner is designed to combine two outside antennas with one amplifier or two amplifiers with one inside antenna. For areas of incredibly poor cellular signal, two directional antennas pointed at different cellular towers can provide for a much stronger signal. This solution can also allow for a cellular signal boosting set up for different types of cellular networks (ie. combining a standard dual-band system or 4G LTE system with an iDEN system or AWS system). This item has N-Female connectors and each port has a loss of 0.5dB.

Diplexers are best bought when you are either trying to combine two types of bands from different carriers, or when signal is so weak that in order to get usable signal at all you have to take the strongest signal from different directions. If you find yourself in either of these situations, a diplexer can provide superior signal for a low cost.
Finally, ensure you are running 50 ohm cable, or have an adapter for it. Diplexers can only be used with 50 ohm cable.