server hard state is foreign RAID
[SOLVED] How to clear the foreign configuration on a HDD using the Raid Configuration Utility
disk failure in a Dell PowerEdge R710 server - RAID controller in Foreign State

RAID Import Foreign clear foreign raid .

Import Foreign

Ctrl-R during bootup brings up the BIOS menu for the controller. Go across to Foreign (Ctrl-n), hit F2 for options and choose Import Foreign Config to load previous config from the disks or choose clear foreign config to wipe it and start from scratch.

DELL Ctrl-R import foreign PERC 5,6

Reboot the server and during start up when prompted press Ctrl + R to enter the Raid Configuration Utility. Once in the PERC Configuration Utility use Ctrl+ N to switch between the tabs, below you can see the Virtual Disk Management page and the missing disk.

The next tab, Physical Disk Management shows the new foreign disk in slot 0.

The last tab shows the Foreign configuration as well and the current active configuration.

Now we have orientated ourselves go back to the Virtual Disk Management page, highlight the controller at the top of the screen and press F2 to list the available operations.

Scroll down and select Foreign Config, another window will pop up with the option to import or clear the configuration. Select Clear.
The warning message below will pop up, select Yes.

Looking at the Physical Disk Management page, you can now see the replacement disk is Ready.

Press F2, and then select the option to Make Global HS.

You can see below that the State has changed to Rebuild.

Exit the Raid Configuration Utility, reboot your server and the array will rebuild in the background.