Enable Boot with UEFI Boot Mode Adding manually in BIOS

Steps are provided below:

  1. Tap F2 key at the Dell logo screen to enter System Setup or BIOS.
  2. On the left pane, click Boot Sequence.
  3. Boot mode should be selected as UEFI (not legacy) within the BIOS go to the General > Boot Sequence click Apply.

    Figure 1: Boot Sequence UEFI
  4. Check that Secure Boot is set to Disabled. Within the BIOS go to Secure Boot > Secure Boot Enable, and set the checkbox to Disabled (Figure 2) Note: If the system is not set to boot to UEFI, change it from the BIOS (F2) during startup or from the One-Time Boot (F12) menu.

    Figure 2: Secure Boot Disabled
  5. Go to the 'Boot Sequence' tab in the BIOS and select Add Boot Option.

    Figure 3: Add Boot Option
  6. A new window will appear with blank boot options.

    Figure 4: Add boot option fields
  7. Name it CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive Note: In the File System List field select the option with "CD" at the end. Example: "PciRoot (0x0)/Pci (0x1F, 0x2)/Sata(0x3,0x0,0x0)/CD"
    • Leave the File Name entry blank.
    • Click OK. Note: If the option for CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive is not present then the drive may not be detected by the system hardware. Try physically re-seating the drive where possible or swap with another systems drive to rule out the drive as the cause of any failure.

  8. Click Exit.
  9. The system will restart.
  10. Tap the F12 key on startup for boot menu, DVD option will be there under UEFI

Note: Alternatively if you see an onscreen message to 'Press any key to boot from CD/DVD' Press any key to proceed.

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