Access Point / Repeater can't obtain the IP address
access point cannot give ip address - Wireless repeater won't assign IP
Failed to obtain IP address on Wireless Access Point
Access Points are not getting IP address from the DHCP server
Wi-Fi access point not supplying IP addresses to clients
How to fix obtaining ip address wireless connect

My desktop, which is connected via ethernet works perfectly. I'm writing this post on it now. However when I try connecting wireless devices to it like my mobile. It can't obtain the IP address. I reactivated DCHP on the router, my mobile then can connect but has no internet access.


1- SSID conflict
2- channel
3- dhcp
4- UN Managed Managed Ports
4- Firmware



Main router settings:
Channel: 1
SSID: Network 1
Transition mode: Mixed
IP Address:
Subnet mask:

Default gateway:
First issued IP address:
Last issued IP address:
DHCP Server: On
Access Point settings:
Channel: 11
SSID: Network 2
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Gateway Address
LAN Connection: Static IP (disable DHCP)