utorrent windows ran out of memory
uTorrent Running Out Of Memory Solved - Utorrent new torrent memory crash
Error Unable to allocate 32768000 bytes while creating file using Torrent
Windows ran out of memory - crash dump has been saved - memory more than 4GB
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How to increase utorrent memory limit

i get "windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate 52226546bytes" error from bitorrent, though RAM memory is more than 6 GB unused
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64-bit means it can access Ram above 4G limit of 32-bit system that is all there nothing about it being faster but you can load more and do more in 64-bit environment. Never heard it was fast that comes down to CPU and RAM that determines load speed and boot time. And if your CPU is 64-bit as they are all now that help increase more CPU processing but doesn't mean faster that is based on CPU Ghz the fast the quicker it does it process jobs. To get faster torrents means more swarm and more sharing that will get downloads faster but that all depends on the uploader bandwidth and less they have the slower it is as well as the less uploader as a whole the slower the torrent and time of day factors in a work day means alot on the internet and it slows down at night there is less and bandwidth is free to speed up more. But now that internet is 24/7 that is no longer the case. The only real way to make it fast is to have Fiber internet to the source where it is downloading from then that might be faster but it's bandwidth that will determine what speeds ares.

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utorrent x64 download - bittorrent x64 download
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