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Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty
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North Bayou Single Screen - F80 / F160 Gas Strut Desktop Flexi Mount

North Bayou

North Bayou

Gas Spring Desktop Flexi Dual Monitor Mount 27 - (F160) - NB-611001

F160 desktop dual screens flexi-monitor mount is built-in durable Gas-strut cylinder to enable to move your screens any directions and height at your wish. Allow you to experiencing the best of ecological interface design for the best viewing position. F160 dual screens desktop lcd mount designed specially for people whom needs multi-screens and multi-tasks to enhance their productivitive in office works, finance, design and IT. Added that gravity spring pivot joint design offered effortless titling position to eliminate gray viewing angle.
F160 monitor arm used for lcd monitor can be installed at table edge or grommet installation any where of your worktable. It is a perfect office accessory that enable to swivel horizontally 180+ for sharing infomation with your nearby colleagues or rotate 90 for showing upside down images. F160 desktop mount is constructed in aluminum alloy and plastic material appearance. Nice looking integrated cable management designed provides a clean, clutter-free look.

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Gas Spring Desktop Flexi Monitor Mount 27 - (F80) - NB-611000

Our desktop monitor real estate is getting larger all the time. This new spring force range of monitor mounts comes with some specific support features for those that opt for a larger primary screen.
Larger screens need to be able to move further to ensure comfortable ergonomic positioning and still provide flexibility for varied viewing positions, convenient screen orientation and flexible mounting options.
The NEW F85A has all this covered with the new spring balance positioning system which includes easy weight adjustment and new conical pivot joints for stable and effortless monitor positioning.
​A huge 295mm of vertical height adjustment lets you get the viewing angle and height just right and as a North Bayou product, you know the quality will be second to none for many years of flexible use.

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Gas Spring Desktop Flexi Dual Monitor Mount 27 - (F160)
Gas Spring Desktop Flexi Monitor Mount 27 - (F80)