Honeywell - PC42d Printer Honeywell Special Edition BarTender
How to download 'BarTender Ultralite' free Label Design tool

BarTender' is label design software published by Seagull Scientific (BarTender). 'BarTender Ultralite' is a specific version of this software which offers only the basic features of the full, paid version of BarTender: but which prints a designed format with no changes to data or image and with no watermarks.
NOTE: 'BarTender Ultralite' can be used with Honeywell and Intermec printers, but not with any other manufacturer, not even Datamax-O'Neil (by Honeywell) printers.


  1. Got to the software portal download at
  2. Software > Printers > Printer Software and Drivers > Label Design Applications > Current >BT2016_R6_3141_UL_Honeywell.exe