Whm / Cpanel CSF Firewall permanently block IP
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Permanently Block IP or CIDR - IP listed in CSF blocklist, but isn't blocked at all
CSF Firewall: how to block IPs without restarting CSF - Truly permanent IP bans

range CSF Quick Deny


csf -d 
csf -d
/ CSF Quick Deny

# Note: If you add the text "do not delete" to the comments of an entry then
# DENY_IP_LIMIT will ignore those entries and not remove them
Simply append 'do not delete' somewhere on the deny line, i.e.

: # do not delete

xxx.xxx.xxx.0/24 # do not delete - noisy neighbours
Limit csf.deny ip address deny limit

# Limit the number of IP's kept in the /etc/csf/csf.deny file. This can be
# important as a large number of IP addresses create a large number of iptables
# rules (4 times the number of IP's) which can cause problems on some systems
# where either the the number of iptables entries has been limited (esp VPS's)
# or where resources are limited. This can result in slow network performance,
# or, in the case of iptables entry limits, can prevent your server from
# booting as not all the required iptables chain settings will be correctly
# configured. The value set here is the maximum number of IPs/CIDRs allowed
# if the limit is reached, the entries will be rotated so that the oldest
# entries (i.e. the ones at the top) will be removed and the latest is added.
# The limit is only checked when using csf -d (which is what lfd also uses)
# Set to 0 to disable limiting



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