Whm / Cpanel CSF Firewall do not delete 100%
Solved permanently block IP Flushed / removed / empty / cleaned / erased / disappeared
Whm / Cpanel CSF Firewall permanently block IP Flushed
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Permanently Block IP or CIDR - IP listed in CSF blocklist, but isn't blocked at all
CSF Firewall: how to block IPs without restarting CSF - Truly permanent IP bans

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# Note: If you add the text "do not delete" to the comments of an entry then
# DENY_IP_LIMIT will ignore those entries and not remove them
Simply append 'do not delete' somewhere on the deny line, i.e.

: # do not delete

xxx.xxx.xxx.0/24 # do not delete - attack from china
do not delete WHMCS Unblocker
whmcs cron
conflict 100 %

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