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What is the process cpanelsolr on cPanel servers

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Are you struggling with slow email searching on IMAP mailboxes? Luckily, cPanel dovecot solr helps to index and search documents and email attachments on IMAP.

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Solr is a popular fast searching platform for websites, databases and email servers. By using this, we can search for documents, email attachments and so on. When there is a need to quickly retrieve an email communication, we search in the mailboxes. The service solr can index email messages, providing the fastest search capabilities for IMAP mailboxes. As a result, iOS, Horde, Roundcube and Thunderbird users find significant improvement in search speed by using this Solr feature.

solr How we enable solr from WHM
Home cPanel Manage Plugins

Initially, we log into the WHM.
2. Then we click manage plugin option, which helps to add or remove plugins.
3. After that, we select the solr plugin.


solr How we disable solr from WHM


1) Login to WHM with the root user account
2) Select Service Manager

3) Once the page loads untick the two boxes next to the cpanel-dovecot-solr service.
4) Click save at the bottom of the page

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Unless you have high email usage this service is probably not needed and there have been reports this service consumes a lot of memory. On low memory systems, you would be advised to disable cpanelsolr

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This will now disable the cpanel-dovecot-solr service and you should notice your memory usage wont be as high. Its important to remember you should only disable this service if you are having problems with it or your system is running a low amount of memory. Any system over 4GB of ram running the defaults provided by cPanel should be fine leaving the service enabled.