whm / cpanel Virus Scanner Scan Entire Home Directory
How to use the virus scanner in cPanel to scan your account files antivirus
ClamAV is a powerful antivirus, Trojan horses, malwares, malicious scripts etc.
Scan Mail, Scan Entire Home Directory, Scan Public Web Space, Scan Public FTP Space

To scan your account with a virus scanner, use the following steps

Step 1 Open cPanel Virus Scanner by clicking the Virus Scanner link in the Advanced section of the cPanel home

Step 2
You can choose the scan type from here


Scan Entire Home Directory cpanel

  • Scan Entire Home Directory This option will scan your entire cPanel account. If you choose this option, no need to run the scan on other options. This will scan your home directory, which contains the Emails, FTP accounts and Website.
  • Scan Mail − This option will scan your emails for viruses. If somebody sends a malicious email having some virus or malware, this virus scanner will tell you that.
  • Scan Public FTP Space − This option will scan your public_ftp folder. If somebody uploaded a malicious file through FTP, virus scanner will find it.
  • Scan Public Web Space − This option will scan your public_html in which all your front end files reside.
Step 3 Click Scan Now button to start the scan and it will automatically show you the results.

Step 4 Removing Virus and Malware

Scanning will take couple of minutes depends size of your directory and it will show you infected files list on the same page.
You will have 3 options to act with these files:

Disinfect: Harmful content will be removed from the file.
Quarantine: Virus scanner will move the infected files to the following location.
Destroy: Virus scanner will delete the infected files permanently.
Ignore: Virus scanner will keep the infected files unchanged ( not recommended).
Step 5 Quarantine or Remove or Ignore

We recommend you to choose Remove option for your files. But in this case you may loose legit files as well,
so you may go for quarantine option instead.
VERY IMPORTANT: If you find infected files under your account, DO NOT Ignore this warning.
We may be forced to terminate your account if you are not taking the appropriate action.
With these 5 simple steps you can keep your website healthy and safe forever.