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6G Firewall is entirely open source and free for all to use.
Wordpress Security 6g - Enabling 5G or 6G Blacklist firewall

6G ( 6G Blacklist). nG Firewall . 6G URI . . 6G . Apache.

After three years of development, testing, and feedback, Im pleased to announce the official launch version of the 6G Firewall (aka the 6G Blacklist). This version of the nG Firewall is greatly refined, heavily tested, and better than ever. Fine-tuned to minimize false positives, the 6G Firewall protects your site against a wide variety of malicious URI requests, bad bots, spam referrers, and other attacks. Blocking bad traffic improves site security, reduces server load, and conserves precious resources. The 6G Firewall is entirely plug-n-play with no configuration required. Its also open source, easy to use, and completely free, providing strong protection for any Apache-powered website.

6G Firewall

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Over the past few years, malicious server scans and bad requests have increased dramatically. If you have yet to implement strong security measures for your site, now is the time to beef up security and lock things down. There are many great security solutions available for your site, but none provide the simplicity, flexibility, and performance of 6G.

The 6G Firewall is a powerful, well-optimized blacklist that checks all URI requests against a set of carefully constructed .htaccess directives. This happens quietly behind the scenes at the server level, which is optimal for performance and resource conservation. Most WordPress plugins require both PHP and MySQL, which can be overkill and even wasteful depending on the scenario and your overall security strategy. Implementing an .htaccess solution such as the 6G Firewall, the code is executed without invoking the memory and resources required for PHP, MySQL, etc. That gives you better performance while saving server resources for legitimate traffic.

6G Firewall

The 6G Firewall integrates the best features of the following resources
6G Beta

5G Firewall

2014 Micro Blacklist

2010 Blacklist Update

5G for WordPress
Plus all-new rules and patterns

Bottom line: 6G is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to secure your site against malicious HTTP activity. It helps to protect against evil exploits, ill requests, and other nefarious garbage, such as XSS attacks, SQL/PHP injections, cache poisoning, response splitting, dual-header exploits, and more.

6G Firewall


6G . 6G htaccess 6G . : . .
6G HTTP . . ( 403 ). 6G.

Like other Apache firewalls and blacklists, the 6G operates at the server-level. Basically you add the 6G code to your sites root .htaccess file and then sit back and relax while 6G works its magic. Thats the beauty of it: there is no configuration required. Just add the code and done.
Once implemented, 6G scans every HTTP request made to your site. It compares key aspects of each request against a carefully formulated set of patterns and expressions. So if someone or something triggers a match, they immediately are blocked, silently behind the scenes (via 403 Forbidden response). So legitimate visitors can continue to surf your site with total confidence, while the bad guys are busy getting kicked to the curb by 6G.
Learn more about 6G and how it works

6G Firewall

Before installing 6G, please make sure that your setup meets the requirements:
Apache version 2 or better

.htaccess files enabled on your server

If you are unsure about either of these requirements, ask your web host. If you are new to Apache and/or .htaccess, and want to learn more about it, I wrote an entire book on using .htaccess to secure and optimize your site. Also, here is a tutorial that explains how to create an .htaccess file on your local machine.

6G Firewall

The 6G Firewall/Blacklist consists of the following sections:





Each of these sections works independently of the others, such that you could, say, omit the entire query-string and IP-address blocks and the remaining sections would continue to work just fine. Mix n match em to suit your needs. This code is formatted for deployment in your sites root .htaccess file. Remember: always make a backup of your .htaccess before making any changes.

5G Firewall vs 6G Firewall vs 7G Firewall

5G Firewall 6G Firewall

5G Firewall 5G Firewall
7G / 8G Firewall
: 6G Firewall
5G Firewall
WordPress Add-on
For those of you using the WordPress Add-on for 5G, its no longer necessary if youre upgrading to 6G. The WP 5G Add-on is integrated into 6G.
Do I need both 5G and 6G?
Nope, 6G is designed to replace 5G, based on the evolving landscape of malicious threats and exploits. If you want to run both firewalls, thats fine too. There will be some redundant rules, but otherwise the firewalls are 100% compatible.
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6G Firewall is entirely open source and free for all to use.
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