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    how to force remove printer queue

    how to force remove printer queue
    How to Forcefully Clear the Print Queue in Windows
    How do I clear the print queue if a document is stuck?
    can't delete print queue in Windows 10
    How to clear the Print Spooler in Windows 7
    Clear Print Queue in Windows

    : C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS
    service .
    In order to get the printing services back up and running, follow these steps:
    1. Go to Start, Control Panel and Administrative Tools. Double click on Services icon.

    2. Scroll down to the Print Spooler service and right click on it and select Stop. In order to do this, you need to be logged in as Administrator. At this point, no one will be able to print anything on any of the printers that are being hosted on this server.

    3. Next you need to go to the following directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS.
    You can also type %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS into the address bar in Explorer
    if the C drive is not the default Windows partition. Delete all the files in this folder.

    This will clear all print queues (If youre doing this on a server,
    its a good idea to first make sure there are no other print jobs being processed for any of the other printers on the server
    because doing this step will delete those jobs also).

    4. Now you can go back to the Services console and right-click and choose Start for the Print Spooler service!


    run as administrator

    At this point, you should be able to print without a problem. If you prefer to use a script,
    i.e. for a server, then you can create a batch file with the commands below or just type them into the command prompt:
     net stop spooler
     del %systemroot%\System32\spool\printers\* /Q /F /S
     net start spooler
    The first and third commands are fairly obvious: they stop and start the print spooler service.

    The middle command deletes everything in the printers folder and the /Q is for quiet mode, which means you wont get a prompt asking if you want to delete each file. /F will force delete all read-only files and /S will delete any subdirectories if those exist. Deleting content from this folder can never harm your computer, so dont worry if you see some files or folders and arent sure waht they are for.

    You can read my previous post if you want to know how to create a batch file. Then all you have to do is run the batch file anytime you want to clear out the print queue. Luckily, the procedure for clearing out the print queue is the same for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.


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