whmcs time wrong
Incorrect time displayed (WHMCS uses UTC?)
Cron running in wrong time... Setting WHMCS system time
server time is correct but my WHMCS time is wrong

Add this to your configuration.php:





This will change TimeZone for all cPanel users and all websites hosted on it.
Login to WHM using the credentials

Look for Server Configuration Section or Search in search bar on left pane and tap on it

  1. Click on Server Time option as shown in screenshot below
  2. Select the appropriate timezone that you want on your server from drop-down list shown below

Click on the Change TimeZone button.
Note- If you doubt that time shown is incorrect then use Sync Time with Time Server option to fix it.

If WHM asks to reboot the server then please perform a server reboot from WHM itself.


php whmcs Server

whmcs date.timezone

php whm cpanel

Change TimeZone for Particular Website or All Websites in PHP INI Manager

Login to your cPanel Account

Search or locate MultiPHP INI Editor and open it.

Select Editor Mode Tab

Tap on Select a location option

Here you will find Home Directory and List on domains in your cPanel account.
Making Changes in Home Directory will change for all the domains while making changes for the domain will change only for that domain and rest are unaffected and will follow Global TimeZone Settings.
We will select domain some-domain.com domain from list.
Text Editor Opens for us on the screen. We will type below for IST TimeZone.date.timezone = Asia/Kolkata

You can find list of timezones here.

Press save button.
Create test.php inside your domain directory and add following code and save file.<?php
// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

Now open browser and open some-domain.com/test.php and you can see as following if steps followed correctly.