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How to Open Ports for Passive FTP in CSF (Configserver Firewall & Security)
FTP Passive Mode Issue In WHM/Cpanel With CSF
How to enable passive mode?

Timeout detected. (data connection)Could not retrieve directory listingError listing directory '/'.
ports Passive Mode

ports Cpanel 49152:65534


CSF - Passive mode

TCPIN 49152:65534

Active and passive mode sessions

FTP uses a data port and a command port to transfer information between a client and a server. During a typical active mode session, the command port uses port 21 and the data port uses port 20. When you use a passive mode session, however, the data port does not always use port 20.


In active mode, the FTP server responds to the connection attempt and returns a connection request from a different port to the FTP client. Network Address Translation (NAT) configurations block this connection request.

Active FTP

Active FTP (with firewall)
The firewall blocks the servers attempt to communicate with the client because the server uses a different port than the first connection.


In passive mode, the FTP client initiates both connection attempts. NAT configurations do not block this connection request.

Passive FTP (with firewall)
The firewall does not block the servers attempt to communicate with the client because the client initiated the communication both times.
If FTP users exist on the private network side of a NAT configuration, you must enable FTPs passive mode, and open the passive port range in your FTP servers configuration file. You may also need to open the passive port range on your firewall.