rdp login rdp stopped after restart
rdp not working until login - Remote Desktop does not connect after a restart
Can't Remote Desktop into a machine until I logon locally
Can't connect to remote desktop after reboot


Does anyone know what would cause my desktop at home to become unavailable through RDP after it reboots? Every time I reboot the computer I have to log in locally before I can access it via RDP. Before I log in locally I get the standard unable to connect error message. I'm sure as soon as I get home I'll see that the computer is booted up to the log in screen.


Hit windows key + R. Type: services.msc. Hit Enter

Turn the following to startup type "Automatic":
Remote Desktop Connection Manager,
Remote Desktop Configuration,
Remote Desktop Services
, Remote Desktop Services Usermode Port Redirector

That should then allow them to turn on when the computer is booted instead of when the user logs in.