Windows Server Windows Photo Viewer
How to Enable Image Preview to Display Pictures in a Folder (Windows server)

Installing Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Server 2016 and 2019 doesnt come with the Windows Photo Viewer enabled by default. Images usually open in Microsoft Paint which isnt very convenient when you want to quickly flick through your family snaps. Whilst the binaries and extensions are indeed present you have to add a few items to the registry to bring the functionality back.
I must also say thanks to Leee Jeffries blog too for the .ZIP file.

1) Firstly download this .ZIP file and extract to your desktop:

2) Double click Restore_Windows_Photo_Vewer.reg and accept any User Account Control prompts:

3) Confirm you wish to import the settings:

4) Now when you double click a picture type for the first time; you will be asked which application you want to open it with. Select Windows Photo Viewer and check the Always use this app to open files box:

5) And we have it, a very grainy photo of me at a concert opened in Windows Photo Viewer: