GPS - Qbit concox
Concox Qbit Mini Personal GPS Tracker

The newly-launched Qbit Personal GPS Tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. It stands out by compact, lightweight design for both excellent mobility and reliability. Loaded with GPS, Qbit enables you to view real-time location from the computer, tablet or smart phone. It is capable of withstanding extreme environment. Being stylish, tough and accurate, Qbit is ideal for kids, the elder and people with special needs.


GPS+WIFI positioning Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

IPX5 waterproof Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment

Geo-fence alarm Create geofences in circle or rectangle for key locations

Voice monitoring It enables you to listen to the surroundings

SOS call Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case

Low battery alarm A warning will sent by Email or SMS when low battery occurs

Two-way communication With MIC and speaker, it realizes two-way communication

Compact size Easy to carry and able to place it in various locations


Hardware Specification
Memory 64 Mb
GSM frequency GSM 800/1900MHz
GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP
Max output GSM 850/1900MHz (33dBm 3dBm)

GSM 900/1800MHz (30dBm 3dBm)
Max frequency error 0.1ppm
Receive sensitivity Class II RBER2%(-102dBm)
GPS Specification

GPS chipset High sensitivity GPS chips
Frequency GPS L1, 1575.42MHz
Channels 66
Location Accuracy <10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity - 165dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity - 148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Avg. hot start ≤1sec
Avg. cold start ≤32sec
Function & Package
Voice monitor range ≤ 3M
Button 1xSOS
GSM/GPS antenna Built-in quad band GSM antenna/18.0 x 18.0 x 2.0mm GPS ceramic antenna
Standby time 3-4 days
Working time 3 days (positioning every 10 minutes)
Device weight 33g
Device dimension 45.0 x 45.0x 16.0mm
LED indicator Green/Blue/Green
Operating temperature -20℃ ~+60 ℃
Standby current ≤5mA
Charger 5VDC/1A
Calling time 2 hours