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    CPanel WHM Swap Used 100%

    CPanel Swap Used 100%
    cPanel - Swap Used 100% - 100% of SWAP used, MySQL is cause
    Server Status Says Swap Used 92%
    WHM/CPanel How to empty swap memory?
    How to clear server's memory ? - HOW TO CLEAR SWAP CACHE
    87% swap used but only 16% memory used - does it make sense?


    Swap Used 100%

    Swap space is the disk space that is set aside for virtual memory. Is apache and named running in the server?

    This means that you don't have enough memory on the system for everything that's running. Swap is extra memory that you can use when your allocation of physical memory (RAM) is used up. It's allocated on the hard disk so is much slower, and will seriously impact system performance. For this reason, you should have enough RAM that you don't need to use swap under normal operating conditions, it's really for those usage spikes that happen occasionally. (You don't say what kind of hosting you have but if you are sharing the system with other people then your swapping is bad for everyone and your host might start getting cross).

    If your swap is at 100% then you have used up all your main memory (the RAM) and then used up all the swap too. After that the system can't allocate any more, which is why your site won't load. You need to either get a lot more RAM (sounds like you need what you have now, plus what you have in swap, plus some more) or seriously cut back on what you're running. CPanel uses a lot of memory, as does apache by default. If you're not sure what you're doing you can probably hire somebody to take a look at it.


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    to empty swap by:

    swapoff -a
    Then turn it on:

    swapon -a
    First will copy all swap to server RAM, second will turn on swap again.
    This will prevent you from reboot each time you will fill your swap.

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