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how to open Fortiguard for use with remote control app Anydesk ? ssl error
AnyDesk SSL error when Deep Packet enabled
Web Filter keeps blocking Anydesk Services


remote SSL

anydesk ssl_4067072


I solved this adding two regexp exceptions in the Url Filter
AnyNet Relay
AnyDesk Client
I had to add "AnyDesk Client" to get it fully working.

FlowBased inspection mode.
WebFilter: ** Wildcard Exempt


I resolve this problem, FortiOS v5.6.3 build1547 (GA), i create a IPv4 Policity, Incoming Interface: lan, Outgoing Interface: sd-wan, source: lan, destination: "Anydesk-Web", Action ACCEPT, nat activated, in security profiles its desactivated Antivirus, Web Filter, DNS filter, Application Control and SSL Inspection.