whm / cpanel ClamAV vs Immunify are both installed
ClamAV and ImunifyAV are both installed. Uninstall ClamAV
both, have different virus signatures. The only impact you might see though is increased load
ClamAV or ImunifyAV Free Which 1 is the Best cPanel Antivirus Scanner


I recently upgraded cPanel and received Immunify AV. It looks like my server has ClamAV running on it currently but I enabled Immunify when it prompted me to upon WHM login.
Is is necessary to run both? Do they scan different things?

Immunify actually uses (or used previously) ClamAV for some items at one point, though I believe they've almost removed it from the product completely, it's perfectly fine to have them both, they may have different virus signatures in their databases.
The only impact you might see though is increased load.

ImunifyAV and CSF / ClamAV

I'm running cPanel on CloudLinux and have run CSF, CXS, MSFE for many years.
My server was just updated to include ImunifyAV. WHM security advisor recommends uninstalling ClamAV if ImunifyAV is installed.
Is it possible to continue to use the configserver security suite if i uninstall ClamAV? Is it really necessary to do so?
Clamav is required for cxs and msfe. You cannot uninstall clamav if you wish to continue using cxs and msfe.


1- ClamAV

Name: ClamAV for cPanel
Description: Virus Protection for Email and Filemanager Uploads

ClamAV WHM settings
ClamAV enables users to scan their cPanel accounts anytime. However, advanced features are only configurable from SSH.

  • Completely free and open source
  • Scans from cPanel and CLI
  • Can be configured to scan remote files
  • Available on many popular server and desktop Linux distros Ubuntu, Arch, etc.
  • Third party Integrations available for many other web applications including Mattermost, Nextcloud, Moodle, and Splunk log analyzer
  • Very stable; been around for years


  • Only configuration options in WHM are what types of files to scan
  • All other features must be configured in the CLI

2- ImunifyAV FREE


ImunifyAV FREE can do monthly automatic scans and results will show in WHM and cPanel. However, cPanel users cannot start cPanel account scans and you must pay for some important features such as more frequent automatic account scans set in WHM.

  • Scans entire server from WHM and CLI
  • Monthly automatic scans easy to configure from WHM
  • More options and information available in WHM and cPanel compared to ClamAV including resource management settings
  • History of results for past scans
  • List of directories in a specified Ignore list


  • ImunifyAV must be configured for the ability to initiate scans from cPanel
  • Important features in WHM such as automatic cleanup and more frequent automated scans require a paid subscription
  • No popular third party integrations to connect with other web applications yet
  • Fairly new, most documentation only available from official website


Which is Best For You ClamAV or ImunifyAV Free?

Enabling cPanel Users
Because cPanel users can initiate scans with ClamAV, it may be best for cPanel server administrators and resellers wanting to enable end users to be more proactive in their website security posture.

Accommodating cPanel Users
System administrators wanting to reduce the load on cPanel users may prefer ImunifyAV for the easy setup for monthly server scans.

Easier Configuration and Automated Scans
ImunifyAV FREE and ImunifyAV+ versions have more features available in WHM and cPanel for faster setup. Sysadmins willing to pay for additional features can enjoy many more options without the terminal.

System Admin

Sysadmins wanting to enable cPanel users, not wanting to pay for additional GUI features, and willing to do some extra configuration may prefer ClamAV. Sysadmins can configure automated scans, quarantine methods, and notification options with cron jobs.


ClamAV ImunifyAV
scan manual malware

ClamAV cpanel + filemanager
ImunifyAV cpanel
filemanager !!! !!!

Virus Protection for Email and Filemanager Uploads
cpanel whm ClamAV
I have both installed without any issues.