FortiAP reset button / restore factory default
Using the reset button to restore factory default on a FortiAP
How to factory reset a FortiAP which does not have a reset button

The FortiAP unit has the reset button on the top of the unit as illustrated in the following picture
Simply keep pressing for a few seconds to reset the FortiAP back to factory defaults.

If the password to the admin account has been lost or forgotten,
it will be necessary to reset the unit to the Factory Default settings.
After it has been set to default values, the previous configuration will need to be restored.


In some cases, a FortiAP does not have a reset button. To factory reset the FortiAP, you must telnet from the FortiGate.

1. Enable login on FortiAP

To enable telnet from the FortiGate CLI, please run the following commands :

config wireless-controller wtp
edit FAP220Bxxxxxxxxxxx (Serial number of FortiAP)
set login-enable enable

2. Telnet to FortiAP

exec telnet x.x.x.x <- IP of AP.

3. Save Config / Factory Reset the FortiAP

cfg -c (save the configuration)
cfg -x (Factory reset the FortiAP)

For sample output, see related article below.