WHM/CPanel tmp folder 100% full - DISKCRITICAL
DISKCRITICAL files Mount Point /var/tmp Disk usage warning
cpanel /tmp reached critical status - whm server has full inodes
DISKWARN blocks *: Mount Point /tmp - Disk Block Usage
The filesystem /tmp mounted at /tmp reached warn status because you currently use 89.54%

92 %
inode cron


temp whm
inode sessions

Running out of inodes, but not out of disk space, usually means that you have a large number of very small files that use up many inodes but not necessarily much disk space. The most likely explanation is that there is code on the sites that isn't properly closing the session. You may want to examine the session files to see if you can determine what pages are leaving sessions on the server. These aren't areas that typically get cleared automatically, but you'll see the other directories are much smaller.
I wouldn't recommend deleting the directory itself, but you can delete the contents (the session files) and that will not cause an issue for the server.


Check inodes usage

 df -i
df -h

You can easily resolve that by simply running this command:

# cd /tmp
# rm -rf sess_*


# service mysqld restart
# service httpd restart
After restarting services all deleted tmp files will be cleared.

limit Display inode usage in cPanel and WHM

WHM/CPanel Cron clean /tmp

WHM temp inode usage