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Having a public static IP allows the user to access their device from anywhere on
the Internet. This allows the user to have various control over the device, if the device
is online. However, the issue is that everyone on the Internet will then be able to see
this device. Attackers use a bot which will scan the Internet for every single IP between to They will check common ports like 80, 443, 23, 22, 21
which will be HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, FTP. Once they get a response back from the
device, they will continuously attack the device, either by sending millions of ping
requests, or by sending default username and password to try to login, or by sending
malware to take control of the device.

Disable Ping
This will prevent your device from responding to or accepting ping requests
from the Internet, making it appear like the IP is not being or is offline. Other services
like the web interface will still work.

There should be a default filter rule for this under IP -> Firewall, if you look in the list of filter rules it will list ICMP in the protocol column. You can simply change this rule from accept to drop and the WAN responding to a ping issue will be resolved.

(Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP) , (Connectivity). (Connectivity) , Ping (Packet Internet Groper) IP . Ping ICMP , ICMP Echo Request . IP , , ICMP Echo Reply.

IP :-

Ping :-


ICMP Echo Request IP .

ICMP Echo Reply.


disable ping

wan ping firewall ACL

ping online


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