Windows Server Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security
install bitdefender gravityzone - Setting-Up and Installation of Endpoint Anti-Virus
Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security

how to set-up and manage the Bitdefender Gravityzone Business Security Cloud console. Also,
how to create the endpoint package & install/ deploy to your workstations

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Best Protection, Best Performance

GravityZone is constantly ranked #1 in independent security tests, providing trusted security for companies of all sizes.

Protected data and confidential information

  • Block hackers from stealing sensitive records or employee information
  • Easily stay on top of any business security event
  • Be compliant with regulations

Easy to install and easy to manage

  • Console is available immediately after signup
  • Automatically discover network computers
  • Automatically uninstall legacy solutions

Forget about security issues

  • No viruses, rootkits, malware, phishing, advanced attacks
  • Anti-ransomware, advanced anti-exploit, anti-ransomware vaccine, Content Control, Device Control etc
  • Automatic updates - users cant deactivate

Extended features list

Antivirus and antimalware

Signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring and a global threat intelligence network.

Two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection/Prevention

The fully-featured two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection is essential in blocking intrusion and hijacking.

One Console for All Your Events and Reports

Easily track all security events in your organization
Reports and alerts help you be on top of any business security event
Avoid losing data and confidential information
Block hackers from trying to steal sensitive records or employee information
Simple remote deployment
Save time by remotely installing protection on all computers that are unprotected
Enhance your business productivity
Control employee access to certain websites or applications
Highly granular security controls
Customize every aspect of security to ensure maximum protection and minimum effort

Bitdefender layered next generation endpoint protection platform

Uses adaptive-layered architecture that includes endpoint controls, prevention, detection, remediation and visibility.
risk analytics and hardening

Patch Management

Full-Disk Encryption

Web-Threat Protection

Application Control

Device Control


Endpoint Risk Analytics


Signature & Cloud Lookup

Local & Cloud ML

Exploit Defense

Network attack Defense

Email Security

detection and response

Process Inspector

Access Blocking


Disinfection & Removal

Process Termination


Dashboard & Reports


SIEM Integration

API Support

Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2019 Core, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2016 Core, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011, Windows Server 2008 R2


What is GravityZone Business Security?

GravityZone Business Security is the easiest way to protect even the smallest businesses, without sacrificing IT resources, time or budget.

Who is GravityZone Business Security best suited for?

Ideal for businesses looking for easy to manage and affordable endpoint security, GravityZone Business Security is designed to protect organizations, from small to medium, covering any number of file servers, desktops, or laptops, physical or virtual machines.

How does GravityZone Business Security protect businesses against cyber-attacks and ensures data security?

GravityZone Business Security, a next generation antivirus for businesses is designed on industrys best prevention, detection and blocking capabilities and uses machine learning, advanced heuristics, advanced anti-exploit and other Bitdefender proprietary techniques to protect your endpoints.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, you can try before you buy. In just a few clicks, you can get a FREE trial of GravityZone Business Security so you can put our technologies through their paces. Before the trial period ends, if you want to continue using the services, you must opt for a paid subscription plan and make the purchase.

What is the licensing model for Business Security?

Business Security is available for purchase either online or with one of our partners. Online, you can choose between 1,2 or 3 years coverage and cover up to 100 endpoints. You can also add extra licenses, anytime you need it.
If you need protection for more endpoints, you can contact one of our official partners in your region.

How do I renew my Business Security license?

You can renew it online or through a partner, whatever suits you best.
Online you just need to enter your current GravityZone Business Security license key, choose the number of endpoints and years you wish to renew your license for and youre all set.

What types of operating system end devices (endpoints) are compatible with Business Security?

GravityZone Business Security protects desktops and servers, physical or virtual. Check out all requirements.

How can I get help around installation?

Configuring and installing the GravityZone Business Security solution is extremely simple no advanced IT security knowledge is needed.
Download our quick start guide for detailed instruction: cloud and on-premise.

Are there additional features that I can add to GravityZone Business Security?

To any Bitdefender endpoint solution, you can add more protection layers, to increase the protection areas. You can enhance your security posture with: - Email Security to protect your business email users across all major email threats, across multiple email providers (Office365, Gmail, Exchange); - Patch Management to keep your Windows OS and Applications up to date; - Full Disk Encryption to protect data residing on your endpoints.


Using the Cloud Console option
(security infrastructure hosted and maintained by Bitdefender)

  • Web console is instantly available and does not require technical skills to manage
  • Eliminate costs with servers and maintenance
  • Real-time control and monitoring of offsite and remote users without VPN

Installation Steps:

1. Log in to gravityzone bitdefender with the credentials you received by email. 2. Start installing Bitdefender protection on your computers using the download link, or mass deployment options. 3.Monitor or change protection settings efficiently using the remote web console. Download quick start guide for detailed installation instructions.

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