WHM/CPanel Cannot Read License File
the license has been activated on too many machines (600)
How to Fix Invalid cPanel License Error When it is Licensed

To access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active. You can purchase or lease a license directly from cPanel, or from one of our Partners. If you do not currently own a license, register at the cPanel Store and request a trial license. The cPanel license server replied that the license has been activated on too many machines (600). Please contact [email protected] The exact message was: The license has been activated too many times on different machines


Checking Your cPanel License

To check for the cause of the above issues, youll first need to make sure you have an active cPanel license for the server IP. You can check the status of your cPanel license using cPanels official license verification tool.

To start, copy and paste your servers IP address and click Verify. The next screen will show you the status of your cPanel license.

If you find that the cPanel license status is invalid for your servers primary IP address and youre receiving licensing for cPanel with us or your service, we recommend issuing a support ticket or emailing us directly at [email protected] confirming your findings. This is generally a very quick resolution unless the IP has been licensed from another party.


hostname Lock License
[email protected] [email protected]
cpanel Lock
partner cpanel


Fixing an Invalid cPanel License Error

If you see the cPanel license status is active, you can use the commands below to fix the invalid cPanel license error. Alternatively, if you see a trial period in effect on your server, you can simply wait until the next day as this script runs on a nightly basis automatically.

  1. Login to the server with root user with either Secure shell client ( SSH ) or Putty or utilize `WHM | https://YourServerIP:2087 -> Terminal`
  2. Run the following as root on the server:

/usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt --force

After executing the command, it will show you that the license status has been updated.
Now you should be able to login to WHM and navigate through it.


/scripts/upcp --sync

/scripts/upcp --force